Whether your needs are for long term or short term wine storage, the conditions that you are trying to avoid are; heat (and especially temperature changes), light, insufficient humidity and excess movement. The longer you plan to store your wine the more important proper storage conditions become.
wine storage facility  

Moderate humidity is important so as to keep the corks in good resilient condition and thereby preventing them from shrinking. A relative humidity of 50-80% is the acceptable range, but about 70% is recommended. Excessive humidity will not harm the wine but will cause the labels and any other paper products – like cardboard boxes – you have in the cellar to rot. Insufficient humidity may cause the corks to dry out, lose their elasticity and thereby allow air to get into the bottle. Back


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A Wine Storage Facility Is A Necessity.
Fine Wines are worth paying extra for only if you can store and eventually serve them in good condition. Wine needs to be kept in a clean, dark,damp place with good ventilation, and security, where it can be stored vibration free at a constant temperature.