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OFF THE VINE CELLARS offers the finest WINE STORAGE FACILITY in Southern California. Our conveniently located, 18,000 square foot, custom insulated facility provides superior storage conditions, with a state of the art, computer-driven, climate-controlled environment, a top notch security system, a range of special services, and a friendly, qualified staff to serve you. 10% Off Move In Special

We invite you to visit our facility and discover for yourself how our cellar sets the standard for the storage of wine. At OFF THE VINE CELLARS we believe that fine wine deserves LUXURY LODGING. 24- hour video, with remote monitoring, backup, and card key access insures your wine is secure.

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Wine Cellar
wineThe Ideal Humidity
Computer monitored humidifiers work in collaboration with refrigeration units to maintain an ideal humidity. Cellar is free of natural light.
wine storage100% Refrigeration
with backup system insures consistent temperature throughout the cellar. Woven wire storage units allow constant, precise air flow and prevent temperature fluctuation in lockers.

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A Wine Storage Facility Is A Necessity.
Fine Wines are worth paying extra for only if you can store and eventually serve them in good condition. Wine needs to be kept in a clean, dark,damp place with good ventilation, and security, where it can be stored vibration free at a constant temperature.

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